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The West African Research Association (WARA)/West African Research Center (WARC) West African Peace Initiative (WAPI) was a three-year initiative (2009-2010-2011) funded by the US State Department to promote peace building and conflict prevention through the exchange of ideas and experiences within the region, as well as by supporting scholarly research. It has thus provided opportunities [...]

Journalism Institutes


The Journalism Institute was a project under the WARC/WARA  West Africa Peace Initiative (WAPI) designed to reinforce capacity of the West African professional reporters about the coverage of the situations of conflicts and preservation of peace in the sub-region, in Africa and all over the world. It was also the objective of the Journalism Institute [...]

Research Fellowships

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The West Africa Peace Initiative also included a fellowship program created to foster comprehensive research on the region. Twelve researchers, from various francophone (6), Anglophone (5) and lusophone (1) institutions too part in the fellowship program:

Moussa Diaw (Mauritania): La Crise Politique et Institutionnelle en Mauritanie
Sekou Diawara (Guinea): Nko & Peace Mali: L’Utilisation de l’écriture N’Ko [...]

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